Caroline Hamilton is a record-breaking polar explorer and a successful businesswoman. She is part of the first all-women team to ski to both the North and South Poles. Hauling sledges more than her own bodyweight, she has travelled over 1500 miles through the Arctic and Antarctic.

Caroline had led two previous expeditions but the journey to the North Pole in 2002 proved her most demanding yet. For 81 days she and her team-mates, Ann Daniels and Pom Oliver, survived appalling polar conditions. The weather turned against them and they battled for weeks through fields of giant ice boulders, enduring exceptionally low temperatures of minus 45-50° Celsius. Their equipment froze solid and three major storms with winds of 90 mph confined them to their tent for days at a time.

So fierce was the wind at one point that the women were trapped under a tarpaulin on the open ice for 50 hours without food or heat, as they were buried alive under drifting snow. They all suffered frostbite. Caroline could not use her hands for two weeks and Pom's toes became badly infected. After 47 days of excruciating pain, she had to be airlifted out leaving Caroline and Ann to carry on without her. In a race against time, they managed to cover the last 330 miles in 30 days.

The weather improved and the ice began to melt and break up around them. Caroline and Ann fell through the ice many times and, with sections of the route cut off, they were forced to swim with their sledges through stretches of sub-zero sea water. Finally, after giving their all, they reached the North Pole on June 2nd 2002.

Caroline has never failed to reach her goal. Prior to the North Pole in 2002, she was the leader and driving force behind two other successful polar expeditions - the first all-women relay to the North Pole in 1997 and the first British all-women expedition to the South Pole in 2000.

Caroline is much sought after as a speaker and lecturer. She shares her experiences and insights into human potential in speeches that are moving, humorous and inspirational. With spectacular images and stories, she describes the harshest environment on earth and tells what it is like to be pushed to your limits, and how she survived her brutal, life-threatening journeys. Caroline's story is one of courage and tenacity, of dealing with rapidly changing circumstances, focussing on your goal and building supreme trust in the people around you.

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